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Hamilton Beach 42115 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center, Black Review

Hamilton Beach 42115 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center, Black

  • Single-serve hot-beverage center makes coffee, tea, or hot water
  • Dispenses directly into any size cup in less than 2 minutes per cup
  • Removable 14-ounce water reservoir with measurement marks
  • Permanent filter with pod adaptor; auto shut-off; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures 8 by 7-1/2 by 12 inches; 1-year warranty

Versatile single serve hot beverage machine brews up to 14 oz of drip coffee , tea, and heats hot water . Includes a permanent coffee filter & pod filter baskets- for loose coffee , tea or any flat coffee pods on the market . Removeable 14 oz reservoir for easy filling at the sink. Auto shut off after brewing . Fits any size mug or coffee cup . Compact size fits on counters in dorm rooms & the office .

Rating: (out of 82 reviews)

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 24.43

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5 Responses to “Hamilton Beach 42115 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center, Black Review”

  • K2ofCU:

    Review by K2ofCU for Hamilton Beach 42115 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center, Black
    This is replacing a 4 cup Melitta coffeemaker (couldn’t find a replacement carafe that would fit the brewer, which sat atop the pot).

    This appealed to me in that this product has the following good features:

    1) no pot/carafe to crack or clean

    2) no waste (since you didn’t have to brew 1-3 cups to get 1 decent sized mug + waste)

    3) no hot plate/pot to turn off – nothing to worry about if you started a brew and then were unexpectedly called away or forgot about it

    4) no paper filters required (but see below)

    5) looks interesting – doesn’t look like a coffee maker, takes up less space on counter, easier to keep clean.

    I read some reviews – good and bad- and decided to get it anyway. AM SO GLAD I DID- I REALLY LIKE THIS THING!

    Reasons: 1)-4) above, plus:

    5) water resevoir + filter assembly is dishwasher safe (top rack)

    6) capability of using pods (I wasn’t about to buy an expensive ‘pod-processor’, so this is a very nice ‘perk’ – pun intended! ;o)

    Very easy- load it up, walk away, come back to beverage. Lovely!

    Some tips to head off any/all problems-

    1) Read the manual. Hey, things happen, but really – use COLD WATER ONLY.

    2) If brewing multiple cups- WAIT AT LEAST 30 SECS after light goes off before starting another brew. To be safe, I wait a full minute- have not had any problems.

    3) I could see the potential for ‘filter fouling’, so I buy generic #4 Melitta filters (huge pack can be bought for

  • Dan B.:

    Review by Dan B. for Hamilton Beach 42115 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center, Black
    I have owned and used this product on a daily basis for almost 6 months now.

    If you’re anything like me, you enjoy a cup of coffee to help wake up in the morning. Notice I didn’t say 12, or 10, or 8, or 4, or even 2 cups. Is it really that crazy of an idea to have a cheap coffee maker that can make only the ONE cup you want to drink? I was writhing over reviews of the 2-cup/2-travel mug coffee makers and their problems when I found this one. My thoughts: Looks cheap. Price IS cheap. Must be cheap. But there’s little else, so… I guess I’ll try it. Needless to say, I have accepted this little guy into my family.


    -One cup, no waste. You can make a cup with 8 to 14 oz. of water measured in the creatively graduated water reservoir. You pour water in until you see the water touch the inverted steps for each size cup. This is very helpful in filling either a traditional coffee mug or a larger travel mug. You also use much less coffee (a tablespoon or two) per day, so your coffee will last longer.

    -Speaking of travel mugs… the slide-out pedestal for a mug can be removed or pushed in to allow more clearance for a travel mug. Otherwise the pedestal helps keep a mug close to eliminate any splashing.

    -Everything is washable. I simply dump out my grinds and rinse the basket and pour spout in the sink. Once every month or so I stick them in the dishwasher (with the pedestal, too).

    -Robust. Yeah, it’s plastic, but it’s no slouch. I use mine daily and haven’t once felt like I was going to break anything. I keep mine next to the stove so it catches some splatter, and it wipes clean very easily.


    -No timer. Not that I really need one, since it makes a cup in 2-3 minutes, but I guess some people really don’t want to wait when they get up. All you do is push the button down, let it work, then it automatically shuts off. If you need to shut it off in the middle, though… be prepared to unplug it. That’s your only option (even the manual says so).

    -Questionable permanent metal filter. My first couple weeks I felt like there was too much sediment in my coffee (you know, that texture that you get in the bottom of a big pot sometimes). I was pretty turned off by it, leaving the last few sips. The solution? Since they don’t make paper filters that small, I just bought a pack of the traditional basket filters and cut out circles to fit. A pair of kitchen shears can do at least 20 at a time. Now I make my coffee with a paper filter inside the metal basket and voila–no more sediment!

    Hope that information helps. I don’t review often, but I’ve recommended it to friends and felt like this would help the next person take the plunge.

  • John R. Call:

    Review by John R. Call for Hamilton Beach 42115 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center, Black
    The first one of these we had was great! My wife made her tea and I made my coffee with it, and it produced excellent results. That lasted for about 5 months. Then it started to just pop and steam without pumping any water. Thinking it needed descaling, I tried that – - several times to no avail. So I finally called Hamilton Beach customer support, and at their direction sent in the cut off plug of my broken unit and $6.95 s/h. After several weeks, I received the replacement unit. It worked exactly one time before the spitting and steaming took over. I called H-B again, and this time they shipped a replacement unit immediately at no cost. It worked for exactly 2 cups before the exact same problem. Obviously there is a major flaw in the design of the water heating/pumping. Wish it worked!!!

  • Trevis Rothwell:

    Review by Trevis Rothwell for Hamilton Beach 42115 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center, Black
    This is a great appliance. I love tea, and I just bought one of these to use at work for making tea whenever I like.

    The machine works great. My only complaint, if you can call it that, is that it’s largely constructed of plastic, and doesn’t feel terribly solid. I reckon that if you treat it nicely it will last quite a while, but in the future I may opt for finding a similar appliance that’s built a little stronger.

  • J. Sohn:

    Review by J. Sohn for Hamilton Beach 42115 3-in-1 Hot-Beverage Center, Black
    I work from home, and I’m the only one in my house who drinks coffee. I was tired of making a big pot that would get stale or thrown out, and instant just isn’t as good.

    This is perfect. It takes less time to make coffee with this machine than it did to microwave water for instant coffee. I love that it uses a permanent filter, instead of paper (like some other single-use coffee makers do). I don’t even need to use a measuring spoon for the coffee. It makes the coffee really hot the way I like it, and clean-up is super easy. I only have to rinse out the filter and put my mug in the dishwasher.

    I also like that it works with pods, if I decide one day to try them.

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